Why Qbikel?

Build a vibrant internal success platform powered by AI

Here's why fast growing organizations choose Qbikel's revolutionary talent and engagement platform, time and time again.

A unique approach to create an agile and engaged workforce

Historically, talent management and employee well-being have been most neglected areas in organisations. We’ve decided to challenge that. We are in mission to bring the employee development at the forefront of corporate strategy.

Lack of future internal career opportunity causes attritions and costs an average sized organisation around $45M per year. It also impacts loss of organisation knowledge and diminishes employee engagement. With the help of our AI-powered, self-evolving ontology, Qbikel provides an opportunities to create an innovative and employee first organisation.

Companies often underweight the value of engagement capital they can build with their existing workforce. By tapping into the underleveraged talent pool, while still bringing in people from outside with diverse backgrounds and experiences, organisations can create a winning future proof agile workforce.

Leveraging data generated by employees from tenure based engagement surveys and from other HR applications, Qbikel lets leaders create a workforce that is aligned with strategy and delivers on objectives.

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