Talent Acquisition powered by AI

Automatically source, screen, sort millions of profiles using AI.

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Shortlist Candidates using AI

Quickly identify the candidate who is most likely to succeed using an unbiased deep learning algorithm. Reduce admin time related to resume screening by 90%. Get a pipeline of qualified candidates in seconds. Find the perfect candidate from the Qbikel private talent marketplace.

Ideal Candidate

Make it easy for hiring manager to define the job requirement. Immediately find candidates with same skills, ability and experiences to succeed as your best people.

Job Calibration

With the Qbikel talent success platform, find candidates who best match your needs and fit into your unique culture. Rank candidates best on skills, experiences, contribution, not just on keywords

Smart Interview Scheduling

Integrated interview scheduling features allow you to instantly start the conversation. Our automated reminder keep track of the candidate's availability and reduce unexpected no-shows.

Personalised Talent Experience

Candidates get job listing and content tailored to them. Increase quality of candidates applies for the opening. Find and engage with the top talent with the power of AI and personalization.

Handle More Hirings with Fewer resources

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