Internal Talent Marketplace

With Qbikel internal talent marketplace , recruit talent within your organization to fill open positions. Quickly move employees to where they are most needed.

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Internal Mobility

With out innovative& intuitive platform, based on powerful AI algorithm, make it easier for your employees to find internal opportunities based on skills, experience, and career aspirations. Quickly mobilise the talent through the organisation to fill open positions.

Project & Gigs Marketplace

Easily connect with employers to fill shirt term job position outside their regular job description. Allow employee to apply for open positions. Hire seamlessly. Bolster workforce agility, speed and unlock hidden talents.

Team Development

Enable managers to chart the career development and career pathing of the team members. Integrated with Qbikel performance management module, employee takes full ownership, visibility and control of their own career progression.

Talent Insight

Relevant and up to date workforce skill analytics. Take meaningful decision based on the skills availability, skill gaps, competitor and market trends.

Benefits of Qbikel AI Driven Internal Talent Marketplace

Create an agile workforce

Align workforce with your business objectives. Reduce hiring cost by 50%. Increase business agility, reallocate talent, unlock skills across the enterprise.

Increase Utilization

With Qbikel talent success platform, managers can unlock capacity and harness talent from across the entire organization.

Create the culture you always wanted

Qbikel empowers employees to take the wheel and navigate their own careers in alignment with company goals. Employees becomes actively engaged and invested in company goals, and emboldened to seize opportunities within the company that fall outside of their predetermined job descriptions.

Increase Engagement

Understand the opportunities available-from short term gig works to long term position. Gain skills in multiple areas and take complete control over your career.

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