Employee Engagement

Qbikel gives HR teams, leaders, and managers on-demand access to employee feedback, surfacing insights that help you focus on employee engagement issues. Going beyond periodic, one-way surveys, Qbikel surfaces the employee experience truth through ongoing two-way conversations.

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Not just an engagement survey tool

Actionable Insights

Realtime data gives managers personalised insights to work on. Identify areas for improvement. Respond to teams comments. Build trust and authenticity.

Advance Segmentation

Deep dive on issues by segmenting employee data any way you want - department, location, gender, tenure etc.

Realtime Dashboard

Instantly identify issues and track impact of your changes. Analyse how each area is changing overtime.

Secure, anonymous and enterprise ready

Use modern conversational platform to engage deeply with your teams. Feedbacks are periodical, intelligent, automated and backed by science.

We store data as per the most stringent security and governmental regulations. Survey data are completely anonymous. Able to support large enterprise grade deployment.

Eliminate mundane admin works

Ask the right questions, to the right people, at the right time - without having to create time consuming and soiled ad-hoc surveys. Go deep into each engagement category for actionable insights.

Use AI to align employee
with Strategy

Your employees get personalised coaching every day.

Self development, shoutouts, internal projects, mentoring and coaching delivered on Mobile as audio or video clips, accessible 24/7

Create an opportunity marketplace that increases satisfaction, motivation to perform, and alignment with strategy.

Create the culture you
always wanted to

Instantly send shoutouts, celebration, corporate communications and watch your teams join in the real-time. 

Increase manager effectiveness with contextual learning

Qbikel talent engagement platform provides all of your people leaders with besopke training tailored to their immediate concerns.

Bite-sized micro-courses, suggested actions and a curated content library help leaders at all levels in your organisation to act on their data and drive improvements in employee engagement.

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