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Guide on How to Reduce Attrition Rate of Employees

Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) Why is it important to have a lower employee attrition rate? 3) 6 Ways To The Lower Attrition Rate 4) Conclusion Introduction Employee attrition or turnover can dramatically influence a company’s financial state and the morale of the working environment. It is one of the major challenges faced by […]

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What is an Internal Talent Marketplace? Why is it Critical Today?

Table of Contents a) Introduction b) Understanding an Internal Talent Marketplace c) Benefits of internal talent Marketplace d) Conclusion Introduction The present corporate scenario is really dynamic. As per the latest trends in recruitment, the top management is finally beginning to recognize the value of employees and their contribution to the overall business activities. Hence, […]

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How to Create a Talent Marketplace using Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In this Digital World, the management of internal talents begins from the intersection point of the machine, and human intelligence. The future of HR is greatly dependent on advancing digitization, to make the most of this opportunity the business leaders should comply with the recent technologies. These machines have proven themselves indispensable for organizations throughout […]