Employee well-being at the time of Covid-19

Employee well-being at the time of Covid-19 For organisation to thrive, having a reliable and fully engaged workforce is important. Recruitment of valuable individuals can be sorted out but their retention is a different matter. Giving out monetary benefits and bonuses is not sufficient when expecting the best out of the employees. Working in the […]

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12 Employee Engagement Ideas at Work

Table of Contents 1) Introduction2) Employee engagement: what is it?3) How is employee engagement helpful for companies?4) 12 employee engagement ideas at work5) Time to include Employee engagement ideas at work Introduction Employees are the pillar of every successful company. They are the company’s voice in communications with consumers and are in charge of all […]

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How to Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey?

It can be challenging to build an accurate employee engagement survey. No matter how many surveys you perform, the results aren’t revealing anything specific about your business’s core issues. And it’s most likely due to the fact that you’re not asking the right questions. While some may believe that designing an employee engagement survey that […]

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8 Employee Engagement Best Practices – 2021

Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) What are the best practices for employee engagement? 3) Employee Engagement Best Practices 4) Conclusion Introduction Do you have a program for employee engagement that isn’t moving the needle? You’re not the only one who thinks this way. Many companies realize the significance of employee engagement but are uncertain […]

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How to improve employee engagement with AI?

Table of Contents a) Introduction b) Employee Engagement & Artificial Intelligence (AI) c) Improve employee engagement with AI d) Conclusion Introduction While AI is making its way in our daily life tasks, it isn’t hard to understand how drastic its effect on the industries and corporate world would be. All organizations, big and small, are […]