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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Using AI For Talent Management

Artificial Intelligence has literally become the new buzzword for corporates across the globe. Whether it is technological applications, assistance provision, knowledge base creation, or recruiting and talent acquisitions, AI has been amping up its role in the business world.  But, since we are a HR-Tech start-up, we will restrict to the relevant bits. In one […]

Internal Talent Marketplace

How to Create a Talent Marketplace using Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In this Digital World, the management of internal talents begins from the intersection point of the machine, and human intelligence. The future of HR is greatly dependent on advancing digitization, to make the most of this opportunity the business leaders should comply with the recent technologies. These machines have proven themselves indispensable for organizations throughout […]

Employee Engagement

How to improve employee engagement with AI?

Table of Contents a) Introduction b) Employee Engagement & Artificial Intelligence (AI) c) Improve employee engagement with AI d) Conclusion Introduction While AI is making its way in our daily life tasks, it isn’t hard to understand how drastic its effect on the industries and corporate world would be. All organizations, big and small, are […]