Talent Management The AI-HR Scenario

A note on Artificial Intelligence In Human Resource

The use of Artificial Intelligence in Human resources is Reinventing its various practices. It can be assured that the integration of the two make organizations better because these applications have the ability to predict, analyse and diagnose to help HR teams to make prudent decisions so as to improve the quality of the workforce. AI […]

Internal Talent Marketplace Talent Management The AI-HR Scenario

What is an Internal Talent Marketplace? Why is it Critical Today?

Table of Contents a) Introduction b) Understanding an Internal Talent Marketplace c) Benefits of internal talent Marketplace d) Conclusion Introduction The present corporate scenario is really dynamic. As per the latest trends in recruitment, the top management is finally beginning to recognize the value of employees and their contribution to the overall business activities. Hence, […]

The AI-HR Scenario

How AI Holds the Potential to Change face of Human resource

This blog on Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource touches the various aspects that stand a chance to change