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Employment Beyond Intent: Importance Of Behavioral science


Have you ever wondered as to why do people go gaga over owning an iPhone and not other brands? No, it is not only the status symbol that it brings along, but it is also because the company understands the needs of its users. It has gone through the process of intensive research and development, which have helped them in better understanding the requirements of the user. This can be similarly applied to other organisations and places as well.

Behavioral science is the field of science that deals with human behavior. It relates to the way the people behave, why they act this way, and how they take decisions in the real world. It studies the way one’s behavior is influenced by factors like the environment, emotions, and society. It helps in predicting how an individual would react or behave in the future knowing their moves in the present.

The same can be applied to business organizations as well. Behavior science can play a very important role in the growth and prosperity of the organization. The way their employees and managers feel and behave plays a very significant role. Behavioral science allows the organization to get an insight into the intrinsic factors like peer pressure, desire to cooperate, feeling of being wanted, being appreciated for good work, feel secure and happy while working. All these factors affect the functioning of the organization to a great extent.

Behavioral science can help the organization to go beyond the extrinsic factors of bonuses and hike in salary and understand the intrinsic factors to motivate the staff and promote employee engagement.

A Few Stats and Inferences

Research suggests that 66% of the workforce is being checked out every year in America. This is because of the non-satisfaction at the workplace, not being heard and listened to, lack of a non-friendly environment, etc. This leads to a loss of $400 to 600 billion in productivity. The statistics are alarming and need immediate concern. This is where the researchers have suggested having transformational leaders or effective managers who can help in better employee engagement.

The behavior and qualities of the managers or leaders can boost the morale, engagement, and interest of the employee. The transformational managers esp. should communicate positively with the employees for the goals, help the employees in setting their goals. They should encourage the employees to be creative and think out of the box ideas for doing the tasks. Supporting them, show empathy and concern towards them, and address their problems. Communicating the organization’s vision and goals to the employees and gaining their trust and confidence.

The behavior of the managers or leaders has a great impact on the employee and his working. The manager takes care of all the day to day activities of the organisation. Therefore, the manager must be effective in their understanding and dealing as it will boost employee engagement. But the irony is that most of the organisations fail to employ an effective and impactful manager. This happens because of the unsuccessful hiring procedure. 

An adequate hiring and selection of the managers will help in employee engagement to the maximum. Studies have proven that managers with such qualities can create a happy and healthier atmosphere for the employees. They have been able to make the employees more productive by instilling in them confidence, self-determination, and competence, which has a positive impact on their psychological health. Such self-motivated employees become more productive and increase their job satisfaction.

Another factor for better employee engagement is motivation. It is observed that efficient managers are better able to motivate employees by setting challenging goals for employees. This way, the employee’s energy is maintained, and they feel supported and understood. The managers should be very optimistic and provide them with personal guidance and attention. This helps the employees to feel less stressed at work. Also, the managers should not pass on their stress on the employees as it creates a negative environment around and demotivates the employees.

A study reveals that around 79% of American workers feel unmotivated to do work, and only 15% are satisfied with their current organisation and feel excited about working there. This scenario can be changed if managers with transformational behaviour qualities are hired who are sensitive to the needs of their employees and encourage them to do better. Thus, promoting employee engagement.


Organizations should be sensitive to their employees. They should give equal importance to their psychological health and intrinsic behavior as they give to extrinsic factors. Employees must be appreciated and encouraged by giving them a bonus, hike in salary, and other luring perks. But it is also important that the employees be heard and understood, said a few words of encouragement to, provided with a safe and positive working environment, and get adequate guidance and support when needed. This will help the organization to maintain employee engagement. The employee will also understand and support the organization in its ups and downs. Thus, behavioral science is of utmost importance for the proper functioning of the organization.

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