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Qbikel is your all in one AI driven talent success platform to hire, manage, and retain your top talents.

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AI Driven Talent Success Platform

Employee Engagement

Elevate employee engagement, inclusion, and growth with an all-in-one employee success platform.

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Internal Talent Marketplace

Qbikel helps enterprises democratize career development, unlock skills, opportunities, and future-proof their workforce. We provide HR professionals, leaders, and managers with a robust array of indispensable talent management tools, letting them increase the team's engagement scores, retention, and skills.

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AI Driven Talent Acquisition

Transform how you hire and retain a diverse global workforce with our AI-powered Talent Success Platform. With our innovative platform, based on powerful deep learning algorithms, it can reduce hiring cost by 80% and time to hire by 50%

Our technology

External Talent Marketplace

As Jobseeker, build a strong profile by joining our exclusive marketplace. Get jobs that are relevant to your skills and competencies. Upload a video resume that stands out from the crowds. Benchmark your skills and get upgrade recommendations.

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Key benefits

Retain and grow your best talents

Put your employees back in control of their careers. Provide a self-service way to discover career paths, learn new skills, and grow with your company

Rediscover talents and hire from your own talent network

Qbikel is a faster, cheaper, and hassle free platform to identify and hire new talents. 

Increase Engagement

Data driven leadership coaching powered by AI based on your staffs’ needs, challenges and their unique context.

Predict areas of improvement and let AI handle those in advance.

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